About Me

I'm a licensed psychotherapist who has been in practice since 1999.  I have worked with varied populations in individual, couples, and family therapy.  My patients find me to be supportive, empathic, authentic, and, at times, humorous. I value creating a collaborative relationship with people.

My Approach

Change starts with experiencing yourself differently.  To help you change I will focus our conversation on enhancing insight and awareness about your life. Working together we construct ideas of why you are struggling, and then introduce a strategy to solve the challenges that you are facing. 


Using mindfulness and meditation I will teach you how to have balance within your mind, body, and spirit. I will help you to find and express your own voice.  I will show you how to trust yourself, believe in others, and take risks.  I will assist you in finding better ways of coping and achieving your goals.

Getting Started

Please call me at 917-496-9867
or email me at:
to start the process of therapy.  I return phone calls/emails within 24 hours.  On that first phone call I will take time to understand your situation and help you set up the first session.