How Therapy Works

Therapy is a process of self-discovery and change.

It will assist you in understanding you're patterns and teach you how to put words to your lived experiences. It will help you feel better about yourself and allow you to interact with the world around you more effectively. Therapy helps you to reduce the intense feelings that get in the way of accessing your fullest potential.

I offer individual therapy sessions that last 45 minutes.  I also offer couples and family therapy sessions that last 60 minutes. I work with most people in weekly psychotherapy.  For some patients twice weekly therapy is clinically appropriate.  We will determine the frequency together.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Individual Therapy

Skills that my patients often develop include:  managing anxiety, reducing depression, and overcoming trauma.

Goals that my individual patients identify:

• Understanding what you need and want emotionally.
• Taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions.
• Having realistic expectations.
• Expressing yourself.
• Being more understanding, patient, and forgiving.
• Reducing your intense feelings (i.e. anger, fear, shame, guilt).
• Reframing how you interpret a situation.
• Thinking positively.
• Letting go of trying to control situations.
• Being able to say "no".
• Creating more choices for yourself.
• Developing a support system.
• Having appropriate boundaries in relationships.
• Listening more.
• Living one day at a time.
• Utilizing relaxation techniques (i.e. breathing and meditation).

The Therapeutic Benefits of Couples Therapy

Skills that the couples I work with often develop include:  improving communication, dealing with disagreements/conflict better, and increasing empathy/understanding.

Goals that my couples identify:

• Reducing distress in the relationship.
• Creating more secure bonds to one another.
• Exploring how emotions direct the partner interactions.
• Developing new responses to recurring key dynamics.
• Reconnecting to your love for each other.
• Identifying and expressing intense thoughts and feelings.
• Understanding what your partner is conveying verbally and non-verbally.
• Being more engaged, accessible, flexible, and responsive.
• Respecting differences.
• Enhancing intimacy.
• Having more collaboration and reciprocity.
• Limiting isolation and loss.


Mindfulness and meditation can help you change your internal world.

I believe that as you change your internal world then the external world around you changes with it.  One of the ways that we will accomplish this is through mindfulness and meditation.

Most people are disconnected from their truest sense of being, they are cut off from their bodies, and they retreat to their mind as a way of protecting themselves.  Meditation allows for there to be an energy flow and it creates balance.  It encourages a person to slow things down and sense themselves in a more profound way.  It also enhances your ability to focus and concentrate.

What to Expect & Getting Started

Please call me at 917-496-9867 or email me HERE to start the process of therapy.

I return phone calls/emails within 24 hours.  On that first phone call I will take time to understand your situation and help you set up the first session.  Please see the fees page for additional information.

Many of the patients that work with me are looking for a long term therapeutic process.  If you desire in-depth work then I might be a good fit for you.